TDJ Equity

At TDJ Equity, we invest in mature companies with potential for growth, building their long-term value.


TDJ Equity helps to grow companies that have achieved success in their market sectors. We are seeking companies that have the potential to become leaders. We become financially involved in all investment projects, as well as sharing our experiences and knowledge. Our team of TDJ experts supplements our partners’ competencies, in order to optimize business and production processes.

What sorts of projects are we seeking?

Long-term value


  • Projects aligned with TDJ VALUES

  • We prefer partnerships with EXPERIENCED ENTREPRENEURS or company founders

  • Size of investment: over 50 million PLN

  • Companies based IN POLAND

  • Investments IN LINE WITH MEGATRENDS: climate change, customer and business priorities shift, digitalization and automation

  • OPPORTUNISTIC investments

Our investment sectors

Megatrends we are still seeking to invest in:

Climate change

A field of innovative technologies and solutions which have a positive impact on the natural environment, and in the near future may replace currently workable solutions.

Customer and business priorities shift

Long-term and fundamental transformations strongly affect the ways individual consumers behave and permanently alter business operating models. These affect a range of services that are key to people’s lives, the work we do and the ways in which societies and organizations operate.

Digitalization and automation

Sphere of solutions and processes which improve the effectiveness and productivity of business clients and consumers. This sphere of interest includes, among others, the automation of systematic processes and the digitalization of information.

Opportunistic investments

Sphere of projects without a firmly fixed and defined industry which are characterized by the chance to flexibly approach and implement restructuring and optimizing processes in business operations in the short term.

Are you looking for an investor?

Are you seeking an investor? Let’s talk about your chances of growing thanks to TDJ. Apply to join us or request more information by writing to us at

We look forward to hearing from you!

Łukasz Kornowski
Investment Manger
Our investments

CEO: Beata Zawiszowska

Sector: energy

Entry: 2023

CEO: Ewa Owczarz-Ciszek

Sector: renewable energy

Entry: 2023

CEO: Ireneusz Kazimierski

Sector: electromobility

Entry: 2022

What do we offer?

We are a family-owned investment firm with more than 45 years’ worth of experience and Polish capital. In terms of partnership, we offer a unique combination of financial support needed for business growth with access to the highest quality expert teams at TDJ. We create partnerships based on values that allow us to work with managers and company owners in sharing both risks and successes.


In-house teams of TDJ experts support companies in optimizing business processes and implementing strategic initiatives within jointly developed and managed Master Plans. We create networks of TDJ companies that allow us to share best practices and thus being a source of competencies for them. See what TDJ Business Excellence is all about.


TDJ represents secure, private capital which allows us to finance investments into portfolio companies. It allows us to act quickly, independently and flexibly, in order to beat the competition and make the most of market opportunities.


Here at TDJ, we have a team of tested managers ready to support new projects in all sectors. We work using a partnership model, jointly together with management boards in search of strategic solutions and chances for development.


Here at TDJ, we work with managers and company owners united by shared values. We create a community that shares both successes and risks. Our partnership approach allows us to develop jointly over the years.

TDJ case studies

Leszek Kłosiński

Miya Cosmetics

My professional challenge was to build my own business based on many years’ worth of experience and existing achievements in the sector. I decided to go my own way and needed a partner to join me there. Together with TDJ, we created a strong team that allows us to compliment our competencies and know-how. We share the same vision of how our business should continue growing and building its value together over the long term.

Wojciech Derda

teamtechnik Poland

We value the involvement of TDJ Business Excellence’s internal expert teams. They have been supporting us from the very start in implementing strategic initiatives, optimizing business processes and optimizing production processes based on lean management strategies. The competencies and experience TDJ brings to the deal directly benefit my business.

Bartek Kras

Impact Clean Power Technology

My idea was to develop new products, increase production capacity and diversify our client and target market reach. Yet, then I reached a point at which delivery was not possible without strong support and relevant know-how. Help was provided by a partner who not only engages capital, but above all has experience in scaling businesses and knows how to deliver. Together with TDJ and Grenevia we have entered a new era at Impact.

Jacek Leonkiewicz Managing Partner
Adam Toborek Managing Partner
Wojciech Derda Managing Partner
Krzysztof Szary Investment Director
Justyna Hanuscin Investment Manager
Łukasz Kornowski Investment Manager
Jakub Sierka Investment Manager
Aleksandra Kumorek Junior Investment Analyst
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