Business strategy

We support portfolio companies in defining and implementing their growth strategies.

The Business Strategy team focuses on providing comprehensive support to portfolio companies in defining and implementing their growth strategies.

This starts with an in-depth strategic analysis, followed by an assessment of the organisations, the competition and the market, to anticipated trends. We aim to build a solid strategic diagnosis to define strategic directions and objectives, as well as to develop a financial and business model that will support the long-term growth of the companies in our portfolio. Hand in hand with the companies, we create and consolidate their strong market position, while ensuring precision and excellence in the implementation of the set plans.

Areas in which we support companies:

The strategic analysis allows us to understand the company’s current position in the market by assessing the organisation and the competition, as well as the trends that will shape the market in the future. We also assess the company’s ability to implement its growth strategy by defining a strategic diagnosis.

Key scope:

  • analysis of the market, trends and environment
  • competitive analysis
  • analysis of company potential
  • strategic diagnosis


We build together with the company a vision for the development of the organisation, identify the growth drivers on which we would like to build and consolidate the company’s strong market position in the future.

Key scope:

  • strategic directions
  • strategic goals
  • financial model
  • business model

The ability to successfully implement the strategy is the key to success. We support companies in the process of operationalizing strategy and managing the Master Plan of strategic initiatives.

Key scope:

  • Balanced ScoreCard
  • Strategic Initiatives Master Plan
  • Performance Management System
  • Value Based Management
Our team
Łukasz Kornowski Investment Manager
Michał Gołąbek Business Excellence Director
Marcin Nowak Business Excellence Director