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Lean and Operational Excellence

Support portfolio companies to optimise processes and strive for operational excellence.

A team of experts who support portfolio companies to optimise processes and strive for operational excellence.

They provide comprehensive solutions and tools and develop teams by combining knowledge with practical application in processes.

Areas in which we support companies

Lean Simulations Games

We teach new skills and build engagement through simulation games. Teamwork, energy for action and action are the basis for building high performing teams.

Lean Workshops

A clearly defined problem is the key to its solution. Working in workshops with the right tools, we help portfolio companies to optimise processes, eliminate waste or increase productivity.

Plant Tours

We learn from each other using the Lean network of companies at TDJ. We successively visit the best companies to be inspired by the most advanced technologies and management methods.

Certified Development Programs

We develop people through certified Yellow Belt, Green Belt or Black Belt programmes by combining knowledge with practical application in processes. We are convinced that training alone is not enough, so we combine it with action.

Best practice & case studies

We learn from each other using the Lean network of companies at TDJ. We can be inspired by interesting implementations in each company, the replication of which can significantly accelerate subsequent implementations.

Value Stream Mapping

We map and optimise processes by determining how much value they add and how much they lose. We believe that well-functioning and efficient processes are the key to business efficiency.

Focus Improvement

This is an action method focused on a selected business or operational problem. After a thorough analysis, we aim to achieve results in no more than 12 weeks.

Supply chain management

We design and optimise efficient supply chains, increasing the efficiency of the planning, logistics and warehousing areas.

Focus on Quality

We are able to implement a well-functioning quality assurance and quality control area, adapting and modelling these areas to market requirements and company needs.

Factory Design and Simulation

We have tools to design factory layouts, individual production cells and simulate production processes (Digital Twin). We create realistic 3D spatial models, which we verify using VR technology (Goggles VR).


Visual Performance Management

We support companies in implementing Visual Performance Management, a systematic management process, based on the company’s strategy, which aims to ensure that the results achieved by the company are consistent with those planned.

KPI & Performance Meetings

We support the modelling and development of an organisational performance measurement system based on key performance indicators, as well as the cyclical discussion of their implementation in a specific formula at all levels of management in the organisation.

Operational reporting

We model and implement operational reports, creating the necessary tools to support appropriate managerial decision-making based on real data and figures.

Problem solving methods

We introduce and train employees in problem-solving methods (Problem Solving), where, through the use of appropriate tools, we aim to eliminate the source of the problem.

Kaizen system

We help to successfully implement KAIZEN or the concept of continuous improvement and improvement. It involves all employees in the company in generating ideas for improvements in all areas of the organisation.

Our team
Adam Więckowski
Adam Więckowski Lean & Operational 
Excellence Manager
Mateusz Korus
Mateusz Korus Lean & Operational 
Excellence Manager
Michał Ulicki
Michał Ulicki Lean & Operational 
Excellence Manager