Marketing & PR

We provide companies with effective solutions that strengthen their market presence and engage the communities around them.

A team of experts with experience and extensive knowledge in the areas of strategic planning, running communication projects, content creation and online community management.

We provide companies with effective solutions that strengthen their market presence and engage the communities around them. From strategic consultancy to creative campaigns, we partner with our companies at every stage of communication.


Areas in which we support companies

We understand the importance of brand strategy and provide support in developing coherent action plans to help build and maintain brand image. Through market research, competitor analysis and identification of key messages, we are able to develop effective brand strategies that will increase brand awareness. 

  • Market analysis and competition research: We conduct detailed market analysis and monitor the activities of competitors. As a result, we are able to identify key trends, needs and growth opportunities, enabling effective brand strategy planning.
  • Defining brand identity: We conduct an in-depth analysis to understand both the internal essence of the brand and the expectations and needs of its target audience. Based on this information, we define a unique brand identity, including its values, mission, vision and personality.
  • Defining the communication strategy: Based on the established brand identity, we develop a comprehensive communication strategy. We create consistent messages that effectively interact with our target audience and build positive brand associations. We choose the right communication channels and tools to achieve the desired objectives.
  • Creating authenticity: We believe that authenticity is a key factor in building a strong brand. We help our companies discover their unique qualities and use them as a foundation for creating an authentic image. We support the building of authentic customer relationships, which contributes to loyalty and trust.

We are experienced in brand management and development. We use a variety of communication tools and channels to build and consolidate a positive brand image. We monitor market trends, customer behaviour and community response to adapt strategies and support brands in achieving success. 

  • Building awareness and recognition: We support portfolio companies in increasing brand awareness and recognition. We create strategies and campaigns that effectively reach our target audience and build lasting brand associations. We focus on creative and innovative solutions that differentiate the brand from the competition.
  • Brand communication management: We develop consistent messages and create attractive content that effectively reaches our target group and builds positive brand associations. We support companies in planning and implementing communication campaigns that increase brand awareness and engage audiences.

We have extensive experience in managing communications both internally and externally to ensure consistency in communicating the organisation’s message. Using effective communication tools, we support building trust, enhancing the corporate image and maintaining positive relationships with audiences. 

  • Creating and implementing a communication strategy: We develop comprehensive communication strategies that take into account business and brand objectives. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we effectively create messages that are tailored to different target groups and communication channels.
  • Creating a consistent image: We ensure that the company’s messages and image are consistent, both in internal and external communications. Through a strategic approach, we build and maintain a positive image that reflects the values and mission of our clients.
  • Internal communication: we support portfolio companies in communicating effectively with employees, building commitment and loyalty. We create clear and attractive messages that inform, motivate and integrate teams.

We have extensive experience in organising events and activities. From planning and promotion to logistical coordination, our team is prepared to support portfolio companies at every stage of these initiatives, regardless of their nature and scale. 

  • Concept and planning: we create innovative event concepts, taking into account the objectives and the preferences and expectations of the target group. We develop a detailed action plan, including schedule, budget, logistics, communication and other relevant elements.
  • Design and organisation: We support in the selection of the location, stage design, decoration, sound, lighting and other technical aspects. We take care of the smooth management of registration, logistics, catering and other elements needed for the success of the event.
  • Programme and content: We create programme for the event, including presentations, panel discussions, workshops, talks, artistic performances and other elements that will provide valuable content and inspiration to attendees. We establish partnerships with prominent experts and speakers, ensuring high quality content.
  • Analysis and evaluation: We conduct an analysis and evaluation of each event, assessing its effectiveness and outcomes. Based on the data collected and feedback from participants, we draw conclusions and provide valuable recommendations that can be used to improve future events.

Thanks to our long-standing relationships with the media and our understanding of the dynamics of working with journalists, we effectively build a positive image for our portfolio companies. We help to effectively promote media messages and increase their reach. 

  • Building lasting relationships: Thanks to our many years of experience and wide network of contacts, we are able to effectively build and maintain lasting relationships with media representatives, both traditional and digital. As a result, we effectively promote messages, provide sound knowledge and control the narrative to influence the perception of our companies.
  • Media message creation: Our team is skilled at creating media messages that are interesting and appealing to the media. With the right narrative and factual value of our materials, we ensure high effectiveness in attracting media attention and generating client interest.
  • Consulting in the creation of media plans: we advise companies on media relations. We analyse media trends, identify opportunities and recommend optimal communication strategies that bring tangible benefits in the promotion and reputation building of our clients.

This is our team’s area of expertise, which focuses on using digital tools and platforms to effectively build brand image and communicate with different target groups. We provide comprehensive support in the areas of social media management, online content creation or online monitoring. 

  • Social media management: We excel at managing company accounts on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. We create publication strategies, engage audiences, respond to comments and monitor community responses to build engagement and increase brand awareness. We design and implement advertising campaigns using dedicated advertising panels.
  • Online content creation: we create, either in-house or in collaboration with external agencies, high-quality content such as articles, infographics, videos or graphics that are tailored to digital media.
  • Online monitoring: we regularly monitor our companies’ presence on social media, news portals and other digital sources. This enables us to respond quickly to comments, reviews or crisis situations, nurturing brand reputation and building a positive online image.

This is one of the key competences of our team. In case of crisis situations, we assist in effective communication management, reputation protection, and minimizing damage to the brand.

  • Crisis planning: Before a crisis occurs, we prepare a comprehensive action plan that includes identifying potential threats, defining key procedures, responsibilities and lines of communication. Our team develops a response strategy for various scenarios, allowing us to react quickly and effectively when a crisis occurs.
  • Situation monitoring: We continuously monitor information and responses, both in traditional and digital media. This allows us to quickly identify potential crises and respond to them according to our action plan. Regular monitoring also allows us to keep track of public opinion and adapt our communication activities in response to changing situations
  • Rapid response and information management: We make sure that information is communicated clearly, truthfully and in accordance with our communications plan. Our aim is to minimise misinformation and control the narrative to maintain the trust of our stakeholders.
  • Managing media relations: In the event of media crises, we establish and maintain relationships with media representatives. We keep them informed of the latest facts, answer questions and provide sound knowledge. Our media relations management skills help to control the narrative and minimise the negative impact of the crisis on the brand image.
Our team
Marcin Zachowicz Head of Marketing And Communications
Alicja Karbowska Marketing Manager
Świętojańska Online Communications Expert
Justyna Stainska Communication Coordinator
Małgorzata Gorol Senior Communication Specialist