We aim to be a leader among investment companies in CEE.Leading , We are a family-owned firm and we wish to remain that way. We believe in the effectiveness of private capital. family-owned We invest in diverse assets classes across various industries. We are not an industrial holding. investment firm
with We build geographical diversity through foreign investments and development of export in our companies. global reach in which
The greatest success that we can achieve is building a firm that will exist and flourish for decades. throughout generations , Teamwork is the key to our success. Only together we can achieve success. together we build We value long-term return as opposed to short-term profits. We build value of companies and projects and invest in education and development. long-term value .


Around TDJ we Each day we care for the development of our community. create We are the community – we, our families and everyone who supports the TDJ vision.a community of We are creative and fully committed to our work.passionate people
who share common We work with people who share our values.values in order to achieve Professional as well as personal success.success together through We apply a project approach in tackling ambitious and interesting challenges. completing projects we can be We want to be proud of our actions and of the methods used to achieve our goals.proud of.


We pursue interesting and ambitious projects with creativity
and commitment
Our values are what we most treasure in people
We invest in the continuous improvement of our skills
and the environment in which we operate
Outpacing Trends
We understand the changing world
and we know how to use this knowledge
Solid finances
We maintain financial stability and are always
ready to take advantage of investment opportunities
Smart diversification allows us to manage capital effectively
Preferred employer
We provide unique development opportunities and environment for success at both professional and personal levels
Preferred investor
We actively support our investments,
jointly working on creation of added value


Work with people who:

like what they do

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inspire and motivate each other to take up action

are self-reliant and propose their own solutions

value self-development

become leaders


To employ and promote people who share our values

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To reflect the values in day-to-day activities

To appeal to the values in making difficult non-binary decisions

To support each other in pursuing our values


To aim to be the best in our field

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To improve continuously

To attract the best people

To work together like a team, not a family

To influence the environment
by non-profit investments
in education and in the
development of children and youth

Outpacing Trends

To be ahead of competition in all our activities

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To take up quick and decisive actions based on the changing trends

To understand that change is an opportunity and not an obstacle

Solid finances

To generate results in cash and not just on paper

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To establish necessary provisions and make write-downs

To have no debt in TDJ

To maintain a constant financial surplus for investment opportunities

To keep the net debt/ EBITDA < 2 in the portfolio companies


To cultivate smart diversification in terms of investments, asset classes, geography and industries

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To care for diversification in the financial, operational and human resources sectors

To learn and gain experience while exploring new areas

Preferred employer

To delegate responsibility, decision-making and provide freedom in pursuing goals

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To provide the possibility of development in different companies, different projects and in different roles

To enable to work with mentors

To respect the private life of the employees and support them in achieving personal success

To provide exceptional rewards for success

To respectfully part with people to whom we are unable to ensure development possibilities

Preferred investor

To support companies in building development strategies and gaining the leading position

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To give access to the best experts

To ensure financial support

To provide access to the TDJ scale and synergy effect ensured by the companies within our portfolio



We believe in the common vision

We follow our set of values

We focus on the future

We believe that investment in education and development generates the highest value for society


We make bold and well-considered decisions

We take responsibility for our and our team’s decisions and actions

We require initiative of ourselves

We always act in the best interest of the firm


We trust each other and form a tight-knit team

We listen and learn from others by considering each voice in discussion

After making the decision, we act as one to achieve our goal

We celebrate the success of our people by promoting them in the organization


We are loyal towards one another and communicate openly and with honesty

We respect diversity of opinions

We are open to change and innovations

We discuss the mistakes we make and learn from them


We always keep our word

We are reliable and honest

We are committed to fair play

We meet our commitments