Our values, which are deeply rooted in the organizational culture of the company, serve as a reference point for all activities carried out by TDJ and our portfolio companies. The result is a strong sense of responsibility, both for the people working for TDJ and for the environment in which we operate. We believe that the construction of value is a long-term process that must be firmly embedded in durable and consistent foundations.


We believe that investment in education and development is the highest value for society. Thanks to the actions of the TDJ Foundation, we support young people and families in developing their competences and discovering their passions so that they can build their future in a conscious and responsible way.



The current economic model relies, increasingly, on advanced production technologies which often revolutionize traditional production methods and this process is being undertaken by all TDJ portfolio companies. As an effect, we believe that care for the natural environment is inextricably linked to our areas of business activity. Therefore, we make every effort to ensure that the innovations we implement increase the energy efficiency of our portfolio companies. By investing in the exchange of machinery to focus production cycles on more innovative technologies, our portfolio companies are minimizing their impact on the environment. We also put an emphasis on the level of safety and comfort of employees, in order to balance the impact of TDJ and our assets on the environment.