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We invest in real estate by creating good places to live and work. We specialize in the implementation of residential, commercial and land development projects.

Our investments
Housing sector

Currently, we are conducting construction works within 4 investments. The first is the Franciszkańskie Housing Estate, which has been under construction since 2014 in Ligota, Katowice, where eventually 1,300 apartments will be located. Another launched project was the Bardowskiego 1 Estate, located in the Witosa district of Katowice, offering 150 apartments across 4 buildings. Another investment, the Green Valley, situated in a quiet and intimate part of Zabrze, offers 228 apartments developed over two stages, with another one launching soon. In the very heart of Katowice, right next to the Culture Zone, the prestigious First District is being developed. This family residential complex consists of 5 buildings with a total of 521 apartments. Ultimately, five stages of investment will arise on Góreckiego Street. At the end of September 2020, construction began on Franciszkańskie Południe – a new iteration of the investment that has been operating for 6 years. During the first stage, 92 apartments were built, we are currently finalizing the construction of 153 apartments in the second stage, and we have started the third stage, where 43 apartments will be developed. Dobrynów is another project in Katowice, located near the city center – in Brynów. In the first stage, we constructed 147 apartments and are starting the second phase. Explore our projects and find the perfect apartment for yourself.

Zdjęcie na slajdzie - Sektor komercyjny
Commercial sector

In the field of commercial projects, we provide office space and retail space in locations with great business potential.

Our representative investment in the area of ​​commercial properties is the modern .KTW office complex, located in the vicinity of the Spodek Venue in Katowice. It consists of two high-rise buildings connected by an underground garage. The vast majority of the buildings’ space has been allocated to office functions, complemented by retail space.  The official opening of the first tower took place on May 15, 2018. .KTW II became operationally active in November 2022, and by early 2023, it will accommodate over 2,000 employees. The Medusa Group studio is responsible for the architectural design and interior design in the common areas.

We also offer office space in our modernist office building Morawskiego 5 in Krakow.

Land developing

We have completed the first project in the area of ​​land  development in Zabrze. On a total area of ​​12 ha, we have separated, developed and sold 150 building plots for single-family housing. We started our next project, which is a multi-stage housing estate in Wieszowa  (commune of Zbrosławice), in 2015. As part of three stages of investment on an area of ​​approximately 30 ha, we prepared over 270, fully equipped construction plots with an area of ​​550-1700 m2, intended for construction single-family houses. The Wieszowa estate is part of a larger 1,000 ha urban development project. We started to work on this project at the end of 2020.

72 thou.

square meters of commercial projects

83 thou.

square meters of residential projects


active projects

2100 +

apartments sold


TDJ Estate has existed since 2011. The stimulus to establish the company was the decision to expand the investment activities of TDJ into the real estate sector. The completion of a team of specialists and the consolidation of management of land owned and commercial facilities all allowed for a gradual expansion of the company in this market.


  • 2022-2023

    Commencement of construction for the third phase of Franciszkańskie Południe.
    Winning the title of Best Developer 2022 in Upper Silesia in the Otodom poll.

  • 2019-2021

    Construction of .KTW II, the highest office building in the GZM metropolis, in a package system. Launching new housing investments in Katowice – in the south of Ligota, in Brynów and in the vicinity of the Culture Zone. Issue of the first bonds in the history of TDJ Estate. 10th anniversary of activity in the real estate sector.

  • 2016-2018

    Development of residential projects in Katowice, Zabrze and Wieszowa. Expansion of the company’s portfolio with the real estate from the Kopex Group. Purchase of an investment area for multi-family housing on the Witosa housing estate. Construction and opening of the .KTW I office building.

  • 2013-2015

    Restructuring of the real estate portfolio. Beginning of the implementation of the “Osiedle Franciszkańskie” and launching a project for the construction of multi-family and single-family houses in Zabrze. Initiation of works on the Wieszowa estate. Purchase of the former DOKP headquarters and settlement of the architectural competition for the design of a new office complex. Acquisition of approximately 5 ha of land in the vicinity of the Culture Zone in Katowice.

  • 2011-2012

    Implementation of over a dozen transactions for the sale of industrial real estate. Re-commercialization of previously owned logistics parks and an office building. Purchase of 12 hectares of land in Zabrze for the purposes of a land developing project and preparation of the Franciszkańskie estate concept.

Our projects

We manage commercial investments. A key project in this area is the .KTW office buildings located in the heart of Katowice. The opening of the first tower took place on May 15, 2018. .KTW II became operational in November 2022.

We are aiming for diversification of our real estate portfolio. We analyze existing and planned office, residential, and commercial projects, without ruling out the purchase of new properties. TDJ Estate focuses on dynamic growth and strengthening its position in the real estate market as a reliable and trustworthy developer.

Our largest housing project to date is Osiedle Franciszkańskie (the Franciszkańskie Housing Estate) under construction in Ligota in Katowice, which will ultimately consist of 1,300 apartments. In 2020, as part of the new version of the investment, construction works related to the Franciszkańskie Południe (Franciszkańskie the South) project began. In turn, in the vicinity of the Culture Zone, we are implementing the project of Pierwsza Dzielnica (the First District) family housing estate, the urban and architectural vision of which was created in cooperation with the renowned Medusa Group studio. We have also launched Zielona Dolina (the Green Valley) housing project, located in Zabrze, directly bordering Gliwice and Szałsza, and the project of a single-family housing estate in the Wieszowa region.

Maciej Wójcik Managing Partner
Bartłomiej Solik Managing Partner
Magdalena Sierankiewicz Financial Director
Kamil Krępa Head of Leasing and Asset Management
Adam Urbański Sales Director
Maciej Zawadzki Technical Director
Urszula Batkiewicz Operational Manager
Dariusz Pękala Operational Manager
Marta Jełowicka-Gabor Senior Property and Asset Manager
Przemysław Wiśniewski Operational Manager
Szymon Grabara Senior Leasing Manager
Katarzyna Kempa Leasing and Asset Specialist
Jarosław Łysik Real Estate Manager
Piotr Łaniak Real Estate Manager
Paweł Michlewski Land Acquisition Manager
Agnieszka Krajcarz-Urbańska Sales Manager
Aleksandra Posmyk Sales Manager
Sylwia Lajda Cost Manager
Łukasz Smętek Cost Manager
Piotr Sołtysik Senior Project Manager
Stanisław Jasiński Operational Manager
Łukasz Mucha Project Manager
Karolina Kowalczyk Project Manager
Krzysztof Bednarczyk Construction Site Manager
Dominik Piaskowy Construction Site Manager
Łukasz Cieślak Construction Site Manager
Klaudia Cieplok Construction Engineer
Michał Lipka Construction Engineer
Maciej Witowski Sanitary Industry Inspector
Paweł Bartosiński Construction Engineer
Bartłomiej Szeląg lectrical Industry Inspector
Katarzyna Stefańska Project Manager
Martyna Najgebauer Junior Project Manager
Marcin Furmańczuk Junior Project Manager
Paulina Bartkiewicz Junior Project Manager
Marcin Musiolik Construction Engineer
Kajetan Różycki Sales Support Specialist
Justyna Dunaszewska Project Administrator
Jakub Kwiecień Sales Specialist
Karolina Zemła Sales Specialist
Łukasz Madej Sales Specialist
Anna Studzińska Administration Coordinator
Daria Osada Reception Coordinator
Magdalena Pudełek Marketing Specialist
Dominika Krzemieniecka Marketing Specialist
Weronika Juszczak Economic Manager
Anita Wróbel Administration Specialist
Marta Bretner-Nogacka Property Manager
Piotr Pudzisz Project Manager
Anna Broncel Junior Project Manager
Grzegorz Dul Electrical Works Coordinator
Jacek Tylka Sanitary Works Coordinator
Agnieszka Kopczyk Senior Commercialization Specialist
Marlena Witkowska Junior Sales Support Specjalist
Paweł Mikołajewski Construction Site Manager
Arkadiusz Kucia Construction Site Manager
Jarosław Pietraszko Facility Keeper Specialist
Piotr Cieślik Construction Works Manager
Robert Kubiak Project Manager
Anna Piękoś Sales Specialist
Andrzej Pietruszkiewicz Health and Safety Specialist
Roman Chwalba Technical and Warranty Specialist

Case study building .KTW I

In 2013, TDJ Estate bought the former DOKP building in the vicinity of the iconic Spodek. After the technical analysis of the facility, a decision was made to dismantle it. This process lasted 12 months, until March 2016. In the same year, in May, during the European Economic Congress, the architectural design of the new complex was officially presented, prepared in cooperation with the Medusa Group studio. The general contractor was entrusted to the Polish branch of the STRABAG company.


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