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Miya Cosmetics

Miya Cosmetics, an independent cosmetics brand, is one of the fastest-growing companies in this market sector in Poland. It is owned by Kanani Europe. In 2021, this company was acquired jointly by TDJ and Leszek Kłosiński, who became chairman of its board.

The acquisition of Kanani Europe is in line with TDJ’s Equity strategy, based around investing in companies that have a scalable business model, high export and consolidation potential, as well as existing products and brands in the cosmetics industry.

100 SKU

twofold increase in product portfolio


European markets MIYA is already present in

Why do we believe in MIYA?

Miya Cosmetics is a new and very dynamically developing brand operating in a market that has been growing rapidly and is forecast to grow further.

  • It is a scalable business that goes on proving that something completely new can be launched in a very stable industry.
  • The company’s market position is being strengthened in cooperation with Leszek Kłosiński, one of the most experienced people in Poland’s beauty industry, who also invested capital in the firm.
  • TDJ’s resources and Leszek Kłosiński’s experience were the joint foundation for creating a vision of further business development and consolidation of the Miya brand in Poland’s cosmetics market.
How is TDJ involved?

We engaged teams of internal experts specializing in such areas as business excellence, legal, M&A and IT – all as part of our investment process.

The first two years were focused on organic business development. We intend to further expand this offering, although less dynamically, to extend international sales. We plan to expand this portfolio with other brands: organically and through new acquisitions.

The Miya product portfolio alone has doubled in scale since 2021, increasing to 100 SKUs (unique assortment items).

OUTCOMES 70 % revenue increase in 2 years

New categories of cosmetics have been introduced, including haircare, lip and intimate hygiene products, as well as 100% natural liquid deodorants. The brand’s distribution has increased, making it available in all drugstore chains in Poland and abroad. It already operates in several European markets, mainly Great Britain, Spain and Ukraine.

We have also developed our own sales channels in the e-commerce sector. This is a unique selling point compared to other cosmetics firms on the market and generates a sizable portion of income from sales. We are gradually increasing exports, something Miya was not involved in before the year 2021.

This shared project’s success also reflects the ever-growing community of #MIYAholics the brand is connecting with.

126 k

followers on Instagram

+ 26 k

in less than 2 years

Future challenges
  • The development and consolidation of the cosmetics market in Poland and construction of a “house of brands”, which will include several independently operating brands held in one ownership portfolio. These brands will be targeted at different customer groups, through different price positioning and distribution, with diversified product categories.


  • Entering the TOP5 group of brands in each strategic product category.