Teamtechnik Poland

Teamtechnik Production Technology Poland is a globally renowned producer of innovative systems for the assembly and testing of parts and subassemblies.

Teamtechnik Poland

We live automation

Teamtechnik Production Technology Poland is a globally renowned producer of innovative systems for the assembly and testing of parts and subassemblies, operating in e-mobility and autonomous vehicle sectors, as well as industrial goods and life science.

This company is actively influencing the course of changes that emerge as a consequence of an ongoing revolution in the field of e-mobility and transportation. TDJ acquired the company in 2020, which was the first step in TDJ’s strategy in the Equity sector, which involves investing in companies that have their own established brands with potential for international business scaling and increase of export potential.


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Why do we believe in teamtechnik?

Teamtechnik Production Technology Poland is responsible for the design, production and assembly of intelligent production lines at sites owned by their clients.

The company’s solutions operate in production plants all over the world. Products manufactured and tested on lines provided by teamtechnik include the likes of BMW and Ferrari motor manufacturing. The company is also contracted to deliver the GigafactoryX project production line, a large-scale battery factory for electric vehicles being constructed by Impact Clean Power Technology.

  • Modern solutions in the area of production are needed to progressively automate industries.
  • E-mobility development and expansion is a global trend, allowing us to work with teamtechnik to plan business scaling processes.
  • Teamtechnik’s products and established brand have created the opportunity to develop in global markets.
  • The key to success is teamtechnik’s team which has created a mature, dynamically growing company with advanced products and a portfolio of leading clients, including key players in the automotive industry.
  • Financial results and increasing sales are evidence of the company’s ongoing growth. Before TDJ invested in the company, teamtechnik grew by an average of 20% per annum over 5 years.
How is TDJ involved?

We acquired the majority stake in the company, and as soon as we became involved our internal expert TDJ Business Excellence teams have been supervising the implementation of strategic initiatives, as well as the company’s legal, M&A and IT operations. A key step was the involvement of TDJ’s lean management team, which mostly covered the optimization of production processes. This allowed us to establish the foundations for the further development of the teamtechnik brand.


Our initial operations were concentrated on reorganizing production processes by using 5S system tools. We implemented mobile and flexible factory rules, all the time adapting the project in the most optimized way while also retaining organization process standards. The outcome has been a marked increase in assembly process effectiveness and an increase in the usage of available space.

Step two – implementation of Performance Management systems which allow us to manage targets and indicators relating to effectiveness and to solve problems. The teams thus established are delivering results and becoming engaged in the Kaizen optimization systems in rapid and transparent ways.

Future challenges

Automation is a natural stage of development for almost all enterprises. The development of modern technologies and changeable conditions in which production firms operate means that the market environment demands lightning-fast reactions to changes and the development of new solutions. Teamtechnik wants to be at the heart of these changes and have a real influence on how these occur and the direction they take.

Teamtechnik wants to become a global provider of technologies and solutions that increase the output of manufacturing plants and allow rapid adaptation to changing market demands. An example of this is the rapid revolution in the e-mobility sector, which involves massive development potential. Teamtechnik is developing solutions that will be widely used in vehicles in the coming years.