Your link to green transition

Grenevia is the link between investors and green transformation. It supports promising projects that are transforming industries contribute to building a low-emission economy.

It offers stock market investors unique exposure to growth companies in the green megatrend with the risk mitigation provided by traditional business.

Zdjęcie na górze stony - Impact Clean Power Technology

CEO: Beata Zawiszowska

Sector: energy

Entry: 2023

Grenevia group structure:

  • Elgór+Hansen – intelligent power supply, transmission and distribution solutions for the new energy technology and for the mining sector.
  • FAMUR – equipment and solutions for energy and mining industries.
  • Impact Clean Power Technology – innovative battery systems for transportation, industry and stationary energy storage
  • Projekt Solartechnik – large-scale photovoltaics, industrial power generation and wind farms

Grenevia operates based on the principles of sustainable development, supporting and scaling its portfolio companies. Grenevia S.A. is listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.