Embracing green energy

enson is a Polish manufacturer of structures for the PV industry. It helps EPC companies, manufacturers, and general contractors harness the maximum potential of green energy.

enson structures are created with special care. By relying on top-quality raw materials and ensuring that they meet the applicable standards, it guarantees their reliability, durability and effective use for years to come.

CEO: Ewa Owczarz

Sector: renewable energy

Entry: 2023

Why do we believe in enson?

Thanks to its unique approach to design, the company is able to deliver dedicated structures for demanding investments. In Poland alone, there are already more than 400 MW of completed photovoltaic farm projects using the company’s solutions.

References from leading European investors confirm its reputation as a reliable business partner, characterised by the highest quality and efficiency in cooperation. A team of qualified engineers from various specialisations is constantly improving the free-standing structures.

The company is building a new production facility, which will be equipped with modern machinery. This will enable it to deliver more than 1.5 GW of structures per year.