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Impact Clean Power Technology

Poland’s leading producer of battery systems & European e-mobility market leader.

Impact Clean Power Technology

Inventing ways to manage your energy. Everyday.
Inventing ways to manage your energy. Everyday.

Impact Clean Power Technology is Poland’s leading producer of battery systems and a European e-mobility market leader.

Their portfolio includes stationary, large-scale energy storage facilities. In 2022, a majority stake in the company was acquired by Grenevia Group (formerly FAMUR), owned by TDJ. The acquisition of Impact Clean Power Technology follows TDJ’s strategy in the Equity area, focused on investments in companies with a scalable business model, high export potential and their own unique, strong product and brand. This transaction further strengthens the company’s position in the area related to the green transformation of the economy.

1,2 GWh

production output following the activation of GigafactoryX

Why do we believe in IMPACT?
Dlaczego wierzymy w IMPACT?

Impact Clean Power Technology is involved in the production and integration of advanced energy storage systems using lithium-ion cells.

They mainly supply the e-mobility sector with custom-crafted battery systems. They also supply large-scale energy storage facilities for the renewable energy market sector and for industrial power supply systems. IMPACT is all the time hard at work on developing new generations of products and is ready to effectively support global efforts towards making economies meet zero emissions targets and in utilizing the upcoming hydrogen revolution, planning to develop systems using hydrogen fuel cells.

Jak wygląda zaangażowanie TDJ?

Impact Clean Power Technology is Europe’s e-mobility market leader and has for years been developing innovative products for a dynamically developing market.

  • It has a firm foothold in Europe’s e-mobility market and the ongoing revolution in this segment offers chances to further scale the business and develop it on a global scale.
  • The Impact team includes more than 100 engineers who are constantly developing modern battery systems and heavy-duty industrial solutions.
  • This is a scaled business that has already proven that technologically advanced products can help those who develop them to become regional leaders in an incredibly competitive sector.
  • Impact’s activity allows for synergy between other industrial companies owned by TDJ.
  • Developing new technologies based on hydrogen fuel can be the foundation for further development of the company in new sectors.
How is TDJ involved?

TDJ Business Excellence teams have been employed in the following specialist fields: improving effectiveness, business scaling, developing new projects and securing financing. We have also supported Impact by using our financing potential. We cooperated on developing a plan to increase production potential and develop the company’s global market presence. We initiated the construction of GigafactoryX – a factory making e-mobility batteries.

OUTCOMES 3x greater production capacity after the first year of engagement

Specialist TDJ Business Excellence teams cooperated with the Impact team, helping significantly increase the company’s production capacity. Within months, this was increased from 0.2 to 0.6 GWh per year practically without any financial inputs. In addition, the TDJ-owned teamtechnik Production Technology Poland became involved in the GigafactoryX construction project, which is responsible for the delivery and assembly of the production line. This is an excellent example of cooperation and synergy being attained by TDJ group companies. Synergy within one group enables them to gain significant market advantages.

Wyzwania na przyszłość
Future challenges
  • Once completed, GigafactoryX will be one of the largest plants of this type in Europe and will increase the company’s production capacity to 1.2 GWh by 2024 and over 4 GWh per year by 2027, guaranteeing the supply of battery systems for the world’s largest brands is secure. New tech has been used to make the assembly cycle of a single battery no more than 11 minutes, precisely the length of time needed to create a battery system weighing up to 500 kg for the e-mobility and energy supply sectors.
  • Once an investment in GigafactoryX is completed in Poland, lithium-ion cell power systems will be developed in LTO, LFP and NMC technologies. By 2024, the planned output is 16,000 units per annum, which will go up to 17,000 p.a. By 2025.
  • Considering the increasing popularity of e-mobility and forecasts predicting ever-increasing demand for battery systems in Europe, we plan to secure Impact’s position as a leader in this field.