The first TDJ investment under the new venture capital strategy
The first TDJ investment under the new venture capital strategy
  • Talkin’ Things as the first TDJ investment under the new venture capital strategy. 
  • TDJ Venture is the leading investor in this round. The total size of the investment in this round is USD 20M.
  • Co-investors are: Prosegur – a world leader in the security industry and Piotr Dębicki, owner and president of Formika – one of the leading European packaging companies specializing in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries.

Talkin’ Things is a Polish designer and manufacturer of RFID tags. The company delivers comprehensive IoT solutions, mainly for the apparel and pharmaceutical industries, industry 4.0 and logistics. The company offers solutions for intelligent packaging and products that, using tags, sensors, readers and software, allow physical objects to communicate with the Internet using NFC or RFID technology. As a result, brands gain valuable data about their products and processes in real time.

The funds acquired in this investment round will be allocated to the continuation of the RFID Gigafactory construction project. This facility will allow Talkin’ Things to enter the 1st league of global RFID tag manufacturers. We also plan to significantly increase employment. – comments Marcin Pilarz founder and president of the board of Talkin’ Things.

We are aware that capital alone is not enough to develop and scale-up a business. The cooperation with TDJ brings a unique added value. In addition to financial resources, we can count on access to TDJ network and expertise and get substantial support in production up-scaling. adds Marcin Pilarz.

Although the RFID technology is not new, the Talkin’ Things team is using it in a very innovative way. This unique specialization, combined with a market that has matured for mass tag applications, makes us believe in the success of this project. There is still work ahead of us to adjust the Company’s processes and operating activities to a rapid scale-up. We have an appetite for large contracts with global contractors. I am glad that Piotr Dębicki and the Spanish company Prosegur are our co-investors. Their experience should let us build a strong position on international markets. The global network of contacts will streamline the implementation of the expansion strategy into these markets. – says Tomasz Domogała, owner of  TDJ.

The dynamic and innovative R&D dept. of Talkin’ Things, the support of the Prosegur in acquiring global customers, TDJ’s business competencies and the transfer of Formica’s experience in the rapid growth and building of large-scale production will trigger a dynamic development in the current location and will speed-up the construction of RFID Gigafactory in Rzeszów, Poland. – comments Piotr Dębicki, owner and CEO of Formika.

The investment in Talkin’ Things is the first step of TDJ Venture towards the implementation of the new strategy, under which this family-owned company plans to invest up to USD 47M in mature startups, mainly in the industries such as automation, packaging, renewable energy, energy storage or proptech. TDJ is interested in companies with great potential for scaling their business, in which the synergy between other TDJ assets and the competences of its team can be fully used.