TDJ will support Edina in creating the first national chain of veterinary clinics in Poland.
TDJ will support Edina in creating the first national chain of veterinary clinics in Poland.
    • Edina Vetcare Group (Edina) is another investment choice by TDJ following the announcement of its take-over of Miya Cosmetics earlier this year, the photovoltaic firm Projekt-Solartechnik and last year’s acquisition of the Polish section of Teamtechnik, a company specializing in automation technologies.
    • Edina is TDJ’s first investment in the services industry sector.
    • The collaboration between TDJ and Edina is based on a long term partnership. It assumes more shared investments in the future by raising capital in Edina.

    The family-run TDJ company is investing in the first national chain of veterinary clinics in Poland – the Edina Vetcare Group. TDJ, together with the existing owners, is planning to open up new branches in order to eventually create a modern and complex system of service provision for domestic animals all over Poland. 


    At present, the veterinary market is scattered and functions with the support of veterinary doctors who as owners must simultaneously be medics and managers. In the West, we have already seen market consolidation which ensures services are more diverse, while access to quality services guaranteed. Customer expectations mean the Polish market is also awaiting consolidation, a process Edina is pioneering.

    We have decided to cooperate with Edina, convinced by their well thought-through company development strategy and the team behind it. In Poland, as in the rest of the world, the population of domestic animals is rising, increasing demand for high quality veterinary services – Tomasz Domogała, owner and chair of the TDJ Supervisory Board.

    One of the key aspects guiding our decision making processes in establishing cooperation was the fact that Edina is represented by another company, run by the Gutkowski family – Tomasz Domogała

    Poland is the third largest country in the EU in terms of dog numbers (7,600,000) and fifth in terms of its cat population (6,400,000).

    Established and developed by a family, Edina currently runs more than a dozen clinics all over Poland. Following on from the largest European veterinary clinic chains, Edina is currently planning dynamic expansion of its national network of clinics. The long term plan involves partnerships with more than 200 existing clinics. Existing locations will be expanded as new investments in new clinics are actioned. As a market leader, Edina is creating modern, specialist establishments operating to the highest possible standards. EDINA’s growth forecasts patient access to a broad and diverse package of services and investments in equipment, as well as digital technologies to ensure modern and automated customer services and information sharing.

    We were looking for more than just an investor, a partner who could support us with capital and competencies while allowing further dynamic growth of the Edina chain. Today, we are already seeing how many benefits our work with TDJ is bringing. Our shared strategic goal remains the creation of a leading chain of veterinary clinics in Poland, offering a range of services of the highest standard – Aleksandra Gutkowska, Edina founder and president.

    One of Edina’s shareholders is Dr Alicja Brzozowska, who has many years’ management experience in the healthcare sector secured working for reputable firms in Poland as well as abroad. Alicja Brzozowska is also a member of the company’s Management Board.

    We are pleased to be a part of the change which is visible on the veterinary market in Poland. We have taken time to penetrate the healthcare services sector, looking for the right niche and team we could work with to create something unique in Poland. We believe that the long-standing presence of our partners in the pet care market and the ambitious team with experience in the medical sector are an ideal combination Jacek Leonkiewicz, managing partner at TDJ Equity.

    Edina has expanded TDJ Equity’s company portfolio, recently joined by Miya Cosmetics, Projekt-Solartechnik and Teamtechnik.