TDJ proposes changes to the statutes of portfolio companies as part of the implementation of the new strategy
TDJ proposes changes to the statutes of portfolio companies as part of the implementation of the new strategy

FAMUR, PGO and Zamet applies for payment of the dividend at FAMUR.

In accordance with the Act on inspections with headquarters in the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

Design changes to the effect of the modern TDJ investment strategy for 2018-2022.

Announced at the end of May this year investment strategy attention, among others The ability to use TDJ in their portfolio companies to the level of 20-40%, while maintaining control over them.

Ensuring business continuity by these strategic entities.

TDJ also applies for payment of dividend in FAMUR in the amount of PLN 0.44 per share.

At the end of May 2018, TDJ announced a new investment strategy for 2018-2022, which is a long-term construction company. TDJ plans to achieve a goal in the form of a flat – a unique team and effective investments. The second of them will be implemented together with These are permanent investments, investments and investments.

In accordance with the applicable rules, in the 5-year, reduced perspective, in order to maintain the level of 20-40%, assuming to keep control. TDJ will actively support the achievements of long-term capital companies.

TDJ has put to the agenda of the Ordinary General Meetings of FAMUR, PGO and Zamet, convened at the end of June 2018, points regarding amendments to the company’s statutes, aimed at enabling TDJ to control by granting the shareholder personal rights.

TDJ wants to remain a key investor in both FAMUR, PGO and Zamet – says Tomasz Domogała, Chairman of the TDJ’s Supervisory Board. – The changes in the company statutes provide a guarantee that TDJ will continue the role of long-term and active shareholder in our companies – adds Tomasz Domogała.

Each of the three companies, during the period of TDJ’s control, was provided with both financial support and support in the field of organic development, acquisition, foreign expansion and implementation of the strategy. Famur, PGO and Zamet significantly increased the scale of operations at that time, which is evidenced by a significant increase in company revenues in this period. Each of the companies completed a number of significant acquisitions, supported by TDJ, which allowed to build a significant position on the market. The active participation of TDJ or its subsidiaries in the aforementioned transactions was significant to their success, which positively affected the situation of companies as well as all of its shareholders.

– A good example of the significant role of support from the main shareholder was the takeover of control over Kopex, in which project should also point to TDJ’s active operation and taking over the risk of restructuring Kopex in the most difficult initial phase of this process and stabilizing the company’s liquidity and organizational situation in the period from December 2016 to June 2017 – emphasized Tomasz Domogała.

At the same time, TDJ filed an application for payment of dividend by Famur in the amount of PLN 0.44 for each share of this company.

In the shareholder’s opinion, the planned payment of the dividend takes into account the stable financial situation of Famur and the results achieved and will not affect the limitation of the possibility of implementing the company’s development plans.