TDJ Pitango Ventures invested in CallPage
TDJ Pitango Ventures invested in CallPage

CallPage, a Poland-based system enabling direct contact with a potential client within 28 seconds, raises series A funding from TDJ Pitango Ventures, Innovation Nest, and Market One Capital. This is the next investment into the company, founded in 2015 by Ross Knap, Sergey Butko, and Andrew Tkachiv.

CallPage is a system that enables contact with a potential client within 28 seconds. It works in the following way: the person visits the website, shows an interest in the offer and would like to ask additional questions. Thanks to the widget, a potential client gets an opportunity to leave their contact phone number. Later, the CallPage system automatically connects the customer with the assigned company representative and allows them to finalize the deal at its highest conversion probability moment. In order to create such a sales opportunity, CallPage has built a complex CRM system from where all contacts and relationships can be managed.

Currently, over 3,000 companies from around the world are using the system. The number of CallPage users is already over 2 million people. The widget is also used by such large companies as UPC, Medicover, Coral Travel, and Virgin Mobile.
From the first meeting with the founders of CallPage, I knew that we would invest in their startup. We have decided to lead this investment round because CallPage has a unique potential for global expansion and the founders have shown over the past few years that they are able to grow effectively. As TDJ Pitango Ventures, we will support the company in this process, in particular in the most critical areas, also using the global network of our Israeli partner – Pitango Ventures. – commented Wojciech Fedorowicz, Managing Partner, TDJ Pitango Ventures

After receiving investment, CallPage will continue the realization of our development plan. The company is going to change into a product more from the perspective of „All your company calls in one place”. The R&D department have already started working on using machine learning and AI which allows analyzing of hundreds of thousands of calls through the CallPage system. Thanks to this, companies will be able to build their communication better and more effectively.

The company is planning dynamic growth on foreign markets. As CallPage wants to increase its number of users by 10x in the next two years, they will focus primarily on the United States.

However, the transfer of the Headquarters to the US is not planned yet. Why? Because of a really unique advantage over the competition – the possibility to create a product on the Polish market and sell it globally. What CallPage competitors are launching in California will cost the Poland-based company 5 times less. There is also a second, very important advantage – an opportunity to work with such excellent specialists in Krakow.