College Scholarship

A scholarship for a year-long study programme at Ampleforth College based on the Individual Development Programme with the possibility of further education. The College scholarship also includes the opportunity to participate in the AFS project.

Scholarship for one year of study abroad. Preparation is partly based on the individual development programme with the possibility of further education lasting from October to May. During the study abroad, young people are provided with room and board. After returning from the scholarship, each participant works for a year with a personal adviser. For students achieving outstanding results in learning, an internship is provided in one of the companies of the TDJ Group.
Applications are collected for scholarships to Ampleforth College in Great Britain and to one of the foreign schools under the AFS Polska programme. The successful applicant decides which programme he / she wants to participate in.

Who is it for?

Program skierowany jest do dzieci pracowników spółek z Grupy TDJ. Kandydat w roku aplikacji musi ukończyć 2 lub 3 klasę gimnazjum i otrzymać promocję do rozpoczęcia kolejnego roku. Dodatkowo musi spełnić następujące dwa kryteria:
• the grade point average grade of the completed class in the year of application should not be less than 4.5
• the candidate should have a level of English at intermediate or higher (level B2).

How to apply?

Recruitment involves four stages:

The first stage of recruitment – the application form, available below, must be sent between June 1st and September 4th, 2017. We encourage you to send the form in advance, so that candidates will have more time to complete the task.

The second stage of recruitment – task execution between July 1st and September 5th 2017, sent via email.

The third stage of recruitment – an interview conducted only with selected candidates and their parents. The talks will take place between the 6th and 13th of September 2017.

The fourth stage of recruitment – an external workshop, which will take place on 22-24 of September. Please remember to reserve this date today. The presence is obligatory, and your absence will be synonymous with disqualification from the programme. Only selected persons will be qualified for the 4th stage. All participants of the trip, also those who do not receive the scholarship will qualify for the Individual Development Programme, where they will receive tutor support.

In the case of persons applying to one of the AFS Polska schools, they will have to undergo the recruitment process carried out by AFS. More about the programme can be found here:

Ampleforth College

This British school is known for its high level of teaching, and the individual approach to students which brings remarkable results. Over 90 percent of graduates of Ampleforth College continue their education at top universities, and about 8 percent of students go to Oxford or Cambridge universities.

The curriculum is prepared individually for each person – students can choose from a whole range of classes: from economics, through design, theater, to laboratory workshops. The school also has an exceptional offer of clubs, such as the renovation of old cars. Musical students can, in turn, join the school orchestra. Ampleforth College successfully competes with other establishments in sports competitions such as field hockey, cricket, rugby or netball.

Where is the school located?
In Ampleforth, North Yorkshire.

How does the Ampleforth College campus look?
Ampleforth has a dozen or so buildings for various purposes. There are 10 student houses, along with a well-equipped sports center, a church and a school divided into the subjects listed.

Why is it worth applying?
The trip allows you to polish your English language skills, make new friends with people from all over the world, develop your interests through a wide range of additional activities and become independent.

What and how many items can you choose?
You can choose a maximum of 5 items, as well as a variety of additional activities in which everyone will find something for themselves. In addition to traditional subjects such as mathematics and physics, you can attend Christian Theology, Economics, Business, History of Art, Greek, Design & Technology and many, many more.

How does the year look at Ampleforth College?
The school year is divided into trimesters. During each trimester there is a “half term”, or at least a one week break in studies.

What is the typical day like at Ampleforth College?
Each day there are 7 lessons in the class schedule starting at 8:40 and ending at 17:10. During the whole day there are several breaks, including a 90-minute break for lunch and rest time. After lessons, you can participate in additional activities. At 7 o’clock in the evening individual study time begins – this allows students to use the library.

What is the difference between Ampleforth College and Polish schools?
In Polish schools, the emphasis is on theoretical knowledge, whereas the core curriculum in the UK includes mostly practical exercises. High schools in England allow students to choose from a wide range individual subjects, while in Poland a student is only to choose from a few electives.

Parents and laureates of the Scholarship College programme can find more practical information here:
Information for parents and winners of the Scholarship College programme_2016-2017

AFS Polska

AFS is a programme that gives you the possibility of a one-year stay and study in one of 80 countries from around the world. Thanks to attending a local school and residing with a host family, the participants have the opportunity to experience the true culture of the country in which they are staying.
The purpose of the AFS programme is intercultural learning and the use of these experiences in the future.
Since 1947, over 400,000 young people have taken part in the programme, and their time spent abroad gaining new experiences and having first-hand adventures has positively shaped their futures. Why is it worth going to AFS exchange? There are several reasons, but the most important are:
A chance for a better university and job – recruitment to the best universities in the world, and the application process for job candidates does not focus solely on grades and assessments. Conversely, recruiters consider the experience gained and the ability to work in an international environment.

Development of intercultural skills – in today’s world it is important to broaden your horizons and have a more comprehensive and global view of societal problems.

Language competences – there is no better and more effective method of learning a foreign language than complete immersion in the culture in which a given language is used.

A better understanding of yourself and learning about your abilities – Students who study abroad return to their homes with new ideas and perspectives for themselves. A trip abroad and learning a new and different culture will help everyone discover new strengths and abilities, take on new challenges and look at their everyday problems from a different perspective.

Opportunity to meet new people – You can gain an infinite number of new experiences while you are abroad. Participants sometimes find that their career path, after the programme, differs from what they were planning to do before.