Miya Cosmetics

Miya Cosmetics

It’s all about you

The Miya Cosmetics brand entered the market in 2016. Since its inception, the company has consistently expanded its product portfolio for daily skin care, primarily based on natural ingredients.

Currently, it offers three categories of cosmetics: face care, body care, and makeup. It’s a democratic brand used by a wide range of consumers. The company’s growth aligns with the strongly visible trend of increasing interest in natural cosmetics, which influences the development of new brands and products.

CEO: Leszek Kłosiński

Sector: cosmetics

Entry: 2021

EXIT: 2024

Why did we believe in MIYA?

Miya Cosmetics is a young and rapidly growing brand, operating in a market that has been dynamically growing and still holds potential for further expansion.

It’s a scalable business that has proven it’s possible to create something entirely new in a very stable industry. Strengthening the company’s market position is being carried out in collaboration with one of the most experienced individuals in the Polish beauty industry – Leszek Kłosiński, who also invested capital into the company. The combination of TDJ’s expertise and Leszek Kłosiński’s experience laid the foundation for crafting a vision of the business’s further growth and consolidation of the Polish cosmetics market around the Miya brand.