TDJ community

TDJ is a company with a unique structure and many possibilities to achieve your own professional expectations. We are constantly developing, dynamically adapting our company’s strategy to changing business conditions. We are looking for people with passion, courage to make decisions and acknowledging our common values.

Why work with us?

TDJ is not just a workplace. This is the space for achieving ambitions and collecting unique experiences. It is important for us to build a long-term relationship with employees. We share our success by supporting the youngest in their education and development.

Autonomous space for managers

We offer managers the opportunity to achieve goals in all areas of the company’s operations: in setting up and building new companies from scratch, and influencing the long-term value growth of portfolio companies, development of startups within Venture projects, defining strategies and operational management of portfolio companies, to ensure a stable and long-term increase in their value.

Benefit program for employees:

  • All members of the TDJ community have access to a variety of benefits offered on a dedicated online platform.
  • Employees can choose the benefits that best suit their needs of the wishes of thier families.
  • The benefits package includes, among others, medical care, group life insurance and the Multisport card.

Recruitment process

Stage 01

Application analysis of candidates

Analysis of candidate applications and a short telephone interview with a representative of the HR Department, during which we initially verify the degree of matching the candidate’s experience and predispositions to the requirements in a given position.

Stage 02


Interview with a representative of the HR Department and the potential supervisor of the candidate. Other team members with whom the candidate will potentially cooperate can also take part in the interview.

Stage 03

Substantive competence tests

Tests of substantive competences and personality predispositions that examine the intellectual and emotional potential of our candidates.
In the diagnosis of predispositions of our candidates, we use psychological tests of recognized companies. In the case of recruitment for managerial positions, we also invite candidates to participate in an Assessment Center session.

Stage 04

Optional additional conversation

Optional additional interview with the manager of the area and final acceptance of the candidate.

Stage 05

Presentation of the employment offer

Presentation of the employment offer, confirmed by a letter of intent or preliminary agreement.

Who are we looking for

Junior/Managing Partner

TDJ Pitango Ventures
Localization: Warszawa

Didn't find a job offer for you?

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