• Are you looking for a reliable partner
    who can support the development of your company?

  • We are a family company that has been building
    the long-term value of its investments for generations

Why TDJ?

The participation of private companies in the development of the Polish economy is still clearly lower than in other developed countries. We have the ambition to change this. We want to cooperate with companies of similar values to ours.

We are an example of how a family business can stay ahead of the trends and grow. We’ve been working on our success for over 40 years.

  • Are you looking for a reliable investor who can consolidate the market, improve processes and support development on the foreign markets?

    Our companies generate PLN 1 billion of revenues thru export to 30 countries. We have carried out acquisitions and effective integrations, thus creating market leaders.

  • Are you thinking about the future of your company?

    Let's talk about it together. We have over 44 years of experience in building company value. We don't just provide our portfolio companies with financial support, but also bring expertise in the strategic areas to the table.

  • Are you thinking about succession, or have recently undergone one?

    We understand this challenge! We are over 10 years after a key generational change in our company.


years of investment experience


completed M&A transactions


production plants covered by lean management

1 bn

of export revenues in portfolio companies (PLN)


The common values and the passion for what we do motivates us to constantly broaden our knowledge and improve our skills. The experience of the TDJ experts allows us to support the development of our companies.

TDJ Foundation

We strive to equalize opportunities by enabling children and youth access to the best educational practices and by creating a space and tools that allow young people to discover and develop their potential in a safe environment.

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