FAMUR Group moving ahead with its green transformation
FAMUR Group moving ahead with its green transformation

FAMUR Group, a TDJ portfolio company, is resolutely delivering the new strategic directions set out in May 2021.

Working in partnership with Projekt Solartechnik, on 02.08.2021r. FAMUR signed a deal with Energa – Obrót S.A to sell electric energy. This is a key step in the recently established FAMUR holding which is working towards becoming more environmentally sustainable.

The estimated total value of the contract period (up to 31.12.2024) is approx. 143 million PLN. Simultaneously, FAMUR Group goes on securing its exposition in the PV segment by winning more than 100 MW of projects in the June URE auction.

Our partnership with Energa – Obrót S.A in selling electric energy is the first, commercial outcome of the changes and actions new for FAMUR Group’s business dealings. The dynamically developing solar power station sector, and especially the business offer, allows us to deliver defined, strategic assumptions, but also to effectively diversify our activities in the green energy sector. FAMUR’s extensive experience and know-how combined with Projekt Solartechnik’s competencies allow us to optimistically look at the future of the transformation we are currently undergoing according to Mirosław Bendzera, Chairman of the FAMUR Group management board.

The assumption behind FAMUR Group’s new direction is to achieve at least 70% of its revenue from sources other than coal – including renewable energy, transport and logistics, as well as the chances and benefits emerging from the global shift to low-emission economies. The first step in delivering these decisions was the consolidation of the potential offered by three companies: FAMUR, TDJ and Projekt Solartechnik.

Thanks to the partnership between Projekt Solartechnik, FAMUR Group and TDJ, we are able to expand our business objectives, as seen in the agreement made with Energa-Obrót. The effectiveness of shared efforts is also confirmed by our securing more new 100 MW PV projects in the June URE auction. This is especially important for us in gaining the lead in the PV market for our firm not just in Poland but across Europe according to Maciej Marcjanik,  Chairman of the Solartechnik management board.


This consolidation gives FAMUR Group more than 1GW of PV project power in its portfolio. This includes more than 130 MW of projects with auctions won in 2019 and 2020, which are currently under construction with delivery planned for the end of 2021 and more than 100 MW with the auction won in 2021, as well as more than 750 MW of projects in development.