Case Study Building .KTW I

.KTW combines simplicity, expressiveness and ethos.

.KTW I is an excellent reference point, an expression of the declaration fulfilled by the investor. It reflects the highest quality, initiative and enthusiasm specific to TDJ.

Case study building .KTW I



In 2013, TDJ Estate bought the former DOKP building in the vicinity of the iconic Spodek. After the technical analysis of the facility, a decision was made to dismantle it. This process lasted 12 months, until March 2016. In the same year, in May, during the European Economic Congress, the architectural design of the new complex was officially presented, prepared in cooperation with the Medusa Group studio. The general contractor was entrusted to the Polish branch of the STRABAG company.


Construction begins

The preparation of the investment site and construction of .KTW I commenced in June 2016. The key task at this stage was the creation of slurry walls that designated the area of ​​the foundation slabs under both planned facilities. Its circumference was 330 m at the maximum excavation depth of 26 m. During the implementation of deep excavations, trucks servicing the construction performed ca. 120 courses daily, transporting approximately 1200 m3 of land.


truck hauls

1.2 thou.

cubic meters of land


100 days of work

Three months after the start of construction, earthworks related to the excavation were completed. Barettes were constructed, i.e. structural elements of the intermediate foundation for the foundation slab. In addition, anchors were created for successively exposed further sections of diaphragm walls. The first stage of reinforcement of the foundation slab was also started, and a tower crane with a height of 53 m appeared on the construction site of the complex.


The earthworks finale

Earthworks were completed at the end of 2016. In total, 108 thousand sqm. of dredge were exported from the construction site, and more than 14 thousand m3 of structural concrete appeared in its place. First, the work carried out at the diaphragm walls was positively evaluated. After the completion of underground stories for the .KTW I building was finished, work on the construction of the first floor began. Four cranes were operating on the construction site.



On February 16, 2017, the cornerstone laying ceremony of .KTW I was held, initiating the construction works on the above-ground part of the building. The ceremony was attended by, among others, Marcin Krupa, president of Katowice and Tomasz Domogała, owner of TDJ. To commemorate this event, the signed foundation act and items selected in the plebiscite “Silesian design in .KTW” were place in a special sarcophagus.


Suspension of the structure

In April 2017, an important architectural element was implemented, i.e. structural suspension between the 6th and 7th stories aboveground, at a height of approx. 24 meters. The top body of the building was shifted relative to the lower one by several meters towards the north-west. In addition to construction works, work related to the road network system were continued at the construction site. Installation works took place in the underground garage.


Topping off

In September 2017, the highest construction point of .KTW I was achieved, which was solemnly underlined by the decoration of the topping off ceremony to celebrate the ending of building operations. Participants included representatives of the investor, general contractor, entities responsible for the investor’s supervision and architects. After the completion of the main building structure, the façade and consoles were continued on the construction site. At the same time, installation and finishing works became more and more advanced. The infrastructure in mechanical shafts was also intensively developed.


Building shell completed

At the beginning of the year, the .KTW I building reached the building shell state. The last crane disappeared from the construction site. The roof was finished with composite wall panels, on which the expanded metal mesh was later fixed, connecting the aesthetics to that of the facade of the International Congress Center. A road system around the office building was also created. The building was fitted with all elevators, and finishing works became more and more advanced.

Opening .KTW I


On May 15, 2018, during the tenth anniversary of the European Economic Congress, the grand opening ceremony took place. After 24 months of intensive work, the office building in the heart of Katowice was completed and put into operation. Guests invited to the ceremony had the chance not only to get to know the investment process from the inside, but also to visit the top floor of the office building and the Transformation Gallery, which presented the history of the place where .KTW was established.

18.250 sq

office space


overground levels


underground levels

66 m

height of the .KTW I building

25 thou. cbm

concrete for underground levels

3 thou. tons

steel for underground levels