By changing into a holding company investing in green technologies, FAMUR Group has entered the photovoltaics sector.
By changing into a holding company investing in green technologies, FAMUR Group has entered the photovoltaics sector.

FAMUR, a TDJ portfolio company which produces mining machinery, is modifying its strategic directions in order to make use of the chances and profits to be made from the global shift to low-emission technologies and economies. FAMUR Group wants to become the leader in the green transformation affecting Poland’s mining-related infrastructure and companies. Stage one of this shift involves entering into the photovoltaics sector based on a partnership between Projekt Solartechnik (P+S), TDJ and the FAMUR Group. The strategic decision to establish a holding investing in green transformations should allow FAMUR Group to reach the end of 2024 with less than 70% of its income coming from coal derived energy production.

FAMUR Group, having announced it was actively seeking ways of developing beyond mining, has defined its strategic directions which include optimization of mining assets, restructuring of selected production plants and development in the direction of holdings investing in green transformation, starting with entering the large-scale photovoltaics sectors and PV solutions for the B2B sector and pursuit of attractive investments in sectors related to Renewable Energy (RE), transport and logistics as well as other future-proof industrial sectors. As part of its strategic direction shifts, FAMUR Group has decided to cease diversifying in the hard rock mining (HRM) sector in order to focus on expanding into the green energy tech production.

– TDJ as a stable and long-term investor will support FAMUR Group as it expands in new directions, and by beginning a partnership with Projekt Solartechnik FAMUR has been able to enter the PV market. By creating a combined entity and the advantages this brings they have established a platform for achieving the position of key player in the photovoltaics sector – Tomasz Domogała, chair of the supervisory board and owner of TDJ.

Projekt Solartechnik is one of the key players in the Polish renewable energy sector with experience secured in 10 European markets through completing projects with a combined power output of 300MW.

– Poland’s energy transformation, though undoubtedly a challenge to the mining-related sector, is something we wish to simultaneously exploit as a catalyst for the development of FAMUR Group. Our entry into the PV sector is the outcome of modifying our strategic aims faced with a dynamically changing economic environment. Our competencies in the energy and industrial sectors, the scale of completed projects, strong financial foundations combined with support from TDJ – a stable and long-term investor – have allowed us to begin activities related to PV segment development within our Group structure. The advantages and developmental capital brought to the table by Famur and TDJ and the exceptional competencies and experience of team Projekt Solartechnik create a unique basis for its rapid and effective scaling.   Mirosław Bendzera, President of the FAMUR Group management board.

Having consolidated the potential of three companies, FAMUR Group will secure over 1GW PV project power in its portfolio. This includes some 130 MW projects with bids won in 2019 and 2020, which are currently being built, targets for completion being the end of 2021, along with more than 840 MW projects in development.

Our professional construction development team, our own construction sector facilities and design studio specializing in PV projects have for years allowed us to offer our clients unique solutions and fitting systems, the building of their own photovoltaic installations and trading in components. We are pleased that by combining the potential of FAMUR Group, TDJ and Projekt Solartechnik we will be able to support the PV sector in Poland more broadly and effectively, in time accessing other European markets Maciej Marcjanik, chair of the management board and owner of Projekt Solartechnik.

The efforts made by TDJ, P+S  and Famur Group will create a company capable of uniting projects and competencies essential for success in the PV sector. In the newly-established structure, Famur Group will have the controlling stake of shares. In the coming quarters, the Group will increase its offering in terms of building and delivering large-scale photovoltaic installations, as well as PV solutions for the B2B segment.